Vision & objectives

1. To assess demand/supply position relating to medicinal plants within the state, country and abroad and to coordinate with National Medicinal Plants board.
2. To advise concerned departments on policy matters r elating to schemes and programmes for development of medicinal plants.
3. To Provide guidance in the formulation of proposals, schemes and programmes etc. to be taken-up by agencies having access to land for cultivation and infrastructure for collection, storage and transportation of medicinal plants.
4. Identification, inventorisation and quantification of medicinal plants.
5. Promotion of ex-situ / in-situ cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants.
6. Promotion of cooperative efforts among collectors and growers and assisting them in transportation and marketing of their produce effectively.
7. Setting up of data-base system for inventorisation, dissemination of information and to facilitate prevention of patents being obtained for medicinal use of plants which is in the public domain.
8. Matters relating to import/export of raw material as well as value added products including adoption of better techniques to market these products.
9. Undertaking and awarding scientific, technological research and cost-effectiveness studies.
10. Development of protocols for cultivations and quality control.
11. Encouraging the protection of patents Rights and IPR.


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